About Me

Firas Assaad (Arabic: فراس أسعد, fɛˈræs əsʕəd) is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. He, well, I, am a Palestinian software developer and independent game designer living in Kuwait.

I have always wanted to make games and have worked on several bad ones over the years including a shoot 'em up for Android devices and an epic RPG that was probably too epic. Currently I'm working on Octopus City Blues, a surreal 2D adventure taking place in a city built around a giant octopus. I'm interested in building immersive and realistic game experiences that are fun and unique.

After graduating from GUST I have worked as a software developer and teaching assistant among other jobs. Aside from games, I'm a movie buff, bad artist, decent programmer, and avid reader. I love traveling but don't have the money to do that often; with that said I've been to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, UAE, Netherlands, UK and USA. I speak Arabic, English, a little bit of French and even less Spanish.

  • Octopus City Blues: The official site of Octopus City Blues, an independent adventure game I'm developing. 
  • Personal Twitter: Rarely updated and quite boring...
  • Octopus City Twitter: More frequently updated and very corporate! 
  • LinkedIn: Exactly what it says.
  • StackOverflow: I used to be more active on SO, but it's too overwhelming now.
  • Bitbucket: My open source code, including the engine used in Octopus City Blues.
  • Resume: Somewhat up-to-date resume. I'm currently open to job or freelance offers.

Reaching Me
Email: assaad.firas [[at]] gmail
Skype:  firas.assaad [[at]] outlook